AMRA Partnered Labs

ARMA is dedicated to ensuring world class auxiliary education opportunity in rocket modeling for schoolchildren.

ARMA will be acting as an advocacy platform for promotion of amateur rocket modeling in Armenia, lobbying and relationship building with the government authorities, negotiating unmatched terms for professional indemnity and liability insurance with leading insurance providers.

Even qualified as “amateur”, however this activity requires heavy regulatory compliance which ARMA has successfully harnessed and incorporated within its associate member regulatory framework.

By becoming an associate lab of ARMA, you will receive “turnkey” educational set for establishing your own rocket modeling club, group or lab. ARMA has worked tirelessly with the state regulating and licensing authorities to ensure that ARMA regulations are in compliance with the acting legislation. And association framework of ARMA provides for sufficient quality control for ARMA associates to remain compliant with the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.