How Do We Operate

ARMA has accredited coaches who teach the students.

Students must be a least 11 years old, be curious and possess elementary knowledge of physics.

The training is conducted in Armenian language.

Our laboratory is located in Quantum college. We plan to expand to other locations in 2022.

The basic course starts in September and runs for 30 weeks. It has both theoretical as well as practical parts where students assemble their own rockets and fly them.

The advanced course takes the experience to the next level. After finishing this course, students can start building their own sophisticated rockets and innovate on them.

Basic Course

Advanced Course


It’s a 30-week once a week course over the full academic year, starting from October and ending in June next year. 15 classes are theoretical classroom sessions and 15 classes are practical sessions during which students apply their acquired theoretical knowledge to make their own model rockets and launch them.

AMRA course classes are conducted once a week at weekends, so no additional stress on your kid’s busy itinerary during the schooldays.

Students who have completed the first year physics course at school, presumably graduates of 7th grade. First year physics course is important for them to grasp the AMRA course.

Students pay no fees for the course. Course materials, rocket modeling consumables and materials are provided free of charge.

Each teaching class enrolls 12-14 students. Please follow the AMRA web page for information about open AMRA Labs in Yerevan and other cities. Contact  the AMRA Lab for application details.

Yes it is!

Wikipedia says: “Despite its inherent association with flammable substances and objects with a pointed tip traveling at high speeds, model rocketry historically has proven to be a very safe hobby and has been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers.”

Any educational center willing to establish a rocket modeling lab in its hometown and assign a dedicated trainer with sufficient knowledge of basic physics who has completed certification course of AMRA, should provide a classroom/lab and agree to sign Association Agreement with AMRA.

By signing the Association Agreement with AMRA, associate member agrees to observe the Safety Code of AMRA, teach the pre-approved training course, report to AMRA as per Association Agreement. In return the Associate Member will receive full funding for establishing a lab/classroom, commitment to finance annual pre-defined budget of the lab including trainer’s salary.