Call for coaches

The Armenian Model Rocketry Association (hereafter Association) is planning to establish model rocketry training groups for school-aged children, meanwhile initiating training for prospective coaches in the facilities of the Association’s lab. 

Those selected and successfully passed through training coaches will be granted a chance to establish a Model Rocketry club at one of the pre-selected and approved by the association educational institutions in the Republic of Armenia, further equip the laboratory and conduct a 30-week theoretical and practical training process developed by the association.

Requirements for Coaches

  • Technical Education
  • Proven knowledge of at least school knowledge of physics and chemistry
  • Proven knowledge of the basics of missiles, fuels, aerodynamics, electronics
  • Handicraft skills
  • Experience in working with children
  • Teaching skills
  • Knowledge of Armenian, Russian (English will be a plus) languages
  • Strong sense of responsibility, particularly in compliance with safety rules

Activities assumed by Coaches

  • Teach through the theoretical part of program
  • Perform, demonstrate physics experiments
  • Making models of parachutes and rockets
  • Perform/conduct experiments
  • Launch of rocket models in the open field
  • Participation in relevant events

With this announcement, the Foundation invites those interested in the training to submit their applications by sending the required information to the following e-mail address: [email protected].

The application is a free letter-notification reading your intention to conduct a 30-week theoretical and practical learning process for school-age children developed by the Association, including sound evidence that you meet the requirements for Coaches.